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Jan 23, 2018
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Transfer contacts and text messages from Symbian to Android

There comes a time when one becomes fed up with Nokia's Symbian operating system and opts to move to something a little bit more modern, but is it easy to transfer your data from a Nokia phone to an Android phone? The answer is simple as pie!

MobileGo for Android is the tool which we use here to transfer contacts and SMS text messages from our Nokia phone to our brand new Android. It does not matter one bit whether your phone is a Samsung, Motorola, HTC or something else, just as long as you're running Android.

After you've installed MobileGo, connect your Nokia phone and connect your Android phone both via USB cables. Ensure that the drivers are installed and that your Nokia phone is connected in "PC Suite" mode.

Start MobileGo, find your Android phone and browse to "More Tools". On that screen, you should see both phones connected.

Note: In our case, we had to reboot our system in order to MobileGo for Android to recognize both devices without issues.

In the middle section, you can transfer Contacts and Text Messages. Once selected, click the "Start Copy" button. Depending on how many contacts and messages are to be transferred, this could take more than 5 minutes.

Once complete, you should see your Nokia contacts on your Android phone! Depending on your phone setup, these contacts should also be synchronized to your Google Account, too!

MobileGo for Android is a shareware program, but all of the features required to synchronize between Symbian, Android and iOS do not require registration.

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